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New business plan for gems and jewellery sector

The first introductory meeting of FPCCI Regional Standing Committee on Gems and Jewellery held on February 25, 2011, started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Muhammad Ahmad, Chairman of the Committee, welcomed all the participants. All members briefly introduced themselves. The Chairman opened the house for suggestions and proposals from members to solve the issues relating to gems and jewellery industry.

He briefed the participants with the business plan of the committee. According to the plan the Regional Standing Committee will arrange training programmes for the artisans in collaboration with the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority and other government institutions. The Chairman also explained that for the export of Pakistani Gems and other items and seeking facilities for Pakistani exporters, Commercial attaches posted in Islamabad will be invited to the office of FPCCI, Lahore. This will help our jewellers in projecting their products in other countries.

Muhammad Ahmad informed the house that gems and jewellery trade delegations will be invited at the office of FPCCI for the promotion of business relations with these countries. For attracting foreign jewellers, exhibitions of various gems and jewellers associations will be arranged at the local, national and international levels. He further said that for the formation of gems and jewellery association at the SAARC level, it will provide a forum for the member countries to exhibit their jewellery and introduce their products in other countries, having broad chances of business opportunities. The Chairman said to improve the infrastructure of gems and jewellery, small developing centers will be set up in various cities. Such facility exists in India and the outcome of their efforts is before us. This situation demands visits abroad and sees latest designs technique, display and machinery. Incentives should be also given to exporters in duties and customs matters.

All participants endorsed the business plan. Irfan, Ms Zil-e-Batool, Ms Beenish Saeed, Ms Sahr Bashir, Mr. Masood and Haji Muhammad Afzal were prominent speakers. The house gave a number of following suggestions: Need to improve the market strategy to cater down the market trends, Learn the flaws in working previous to remove this time, Standards must be maintained as international markets’ demand. In this regards laboratories must be established on modern grounds, requirement to create and develop the won design for this manufacturers and designers must be taken on board, emphasize to update the traditional apparatus regain the Mughals ’art rather than to adopt Italian’s designs or other western, communication gap must be countered with strong liaison at each and every level, do efforts to garb the installed or existed infrastructure, frame the comprehensive strategy to link up with Government department like SMEDA, TDAP and PJDC, encourage new ideas and trends for skill development and cooperation and coordination with each other.

The participants of the meeting were:

1. Muhammad Ahmad, Chairman of the Committee
2. Syed. Masood Ali Vice-Chairman (Jewellery)
3. Muhammad Irfan Vice-Chairman (Gems)
4. Mr. M Akhlaq Member
5. Ms. Beenish Saeed Member
6. Ms. Sahr Bashir Member
7. Ms. Zil-E- Batool Member
8. Mr. Muhammad Anwar Bajwa Member
9. Mr. Tahir Malik Member
10. Haji Muhammad Afzal Member
11. Rana Mazher Hussain Member
12. Mr. Ameen –ud- Sheikh Member
13. Muhammad Alamgir Member
14. Mr. Nasir Ali Member
15. Rana Amir Batalvi Member
16. Mr. Muhammad Azim Member
17. Mr. Muhammad Tayyab Member
18. Mian Zahid Javaid Member


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